Lubsur 6285
Lubsur 6292
Lubsur 6285 is a aluminum stearate based compound containing copper, graphite, rust and corrosion inhibitors. Contains no lead or zinc. Provides positive protection for rotary shouldered connections under severe drilling conditions where the probability of downhole make-up is anticipated.

Service range: -18 - 205C
Lubsur 6292 is a non-metallic, environmentally acceptable drill collar and tool joint compound. Prevents excessive circumferential make-up and assures shoulder faces mate completely without stand-off or deformation. Use on drill collars and tool joints in extreme downhole conditions. Exceeds industry performance and environmental compliance standards.

Service range: -18 - 230C
Lubsur 6302
Lubsur 6304
Lubsur 6302 is a quality drill collar compound containing 60% pure metallic lead, rust and corrosion inhibitors. Will not build up in thread roots and on shoulders. Formulated specifically for use on drill collars to withstand shock, vibration, extreme pressure, prevent galling and seizure and prolong thread life.

Service range: -18 - 205C
Lubsur 6304 is a finest drill pipe compound when downhole conditions are severe. Ideal for use in deep holes, high angle holes, problem holes, whip stocks, and horizontal holes. Can be used on drill collars in medium drilling conditions. A premium lead and zinc free tool joint compound which contains copper flake as the only metallic component. Fortified with a unique blend of natural, inorganic, extreme pressure additives.

Service range: -18 - 205C
Lubsur 6305
Lubsur 6306
Lubsur 6305 contains copper, graphite, extreme pressure and corrosion inhibitors. For use on tool joints in shallow depths and softer formations. Formulated to provide superior performance in light duty drilling.

Service range: -18 - 205C
Lubsur 6306 is designed to provide maximum protection of tool joint threads and shoulders over a wide variety of service conditions. Contains 50% prime grade pure metallic zinc along with special additives which prevent the zinc from plating onto the tool joint threads and shoulders.

Service range: -18 - 205C
Lubsur 6307
Lubsur 602G
(Ref: 6308 Canada)
Lubsur 6307 is designed for use in the drilling to shallow depths and in softer formations. Ideal for use in water well drilling, seismic work and coal testing. A lead free compound designed primarily for use in the waterwell industry.

Service range: -18 - 205C
Lubsur 602G API-MODIFIED is a high pressure thread sealing compound which is formulated according to the guidelines of API
BULLETIN 5A3 (R2015)

Service range: -18C to 205C (-0F to 400F). Pressures from 69,000 kPa (10,000 psi).
Lubsur 6401
Lubsur 6402
Lubsur 6401 is elaborated for use on OCTG where environmental regulations do not allow the use of compounds containing lead or zinc. A lead-free, zinc-free alternative to API-Modified which meets or exceeds all of the performance criteria set out in API Bulletin 5A2.

Service range: -18 - 205C
Lubsur 6402 is recommended for use on casing, tubing, line pipe, flow lines, subsurface production tools, and tank battery installations. For use where a totally metal-free compound is preferred as an alternative to API-Modified.

Service range: -18 - 205C
Lubsur 6404
Lubsur 8000 ST
Lubsur SCC- SST
Lubsur 6404 is formulated to aide in the make-up of large diameter casing. Provides excellent protection against galling and wear, seals badly worn threads, and greatly increases connection life. Use as a sealant on fiberglass tubing and casing threads. Particularly useful in H2S and salt water environments and in applications subject to vibration, pressure surge and temperature fluctuations.

Service range: -18 - 260C
DESCRIPTION: LUBSUR 8000 ST is a fully synthetic lubricating and sealing grease for valves and fittings, especially gas fittings and bearings. It is resistant to water, mineral oil, glycol-water mixtures, gaseous and liquid aliphatic hydrocarbons such as town gas, long-distance gas, natural gas, petroleum gas and their substitute gases as well as to propane and propane-butane mixtures.

A. "J" Size Sticks
B. "GP" Gun Packs
1 Gallon
5 Gallon
55 Gallon Drums
G. "K" Size Sticks
Thread Sealant contains reprocessed PTFE (Teflon) particles and grapite in a high-melting, high temperature grease vehicle. It is further fortified with inhibitors for rust, corrosion and oxidation. Its lubricating and sealing properties will prevent thread leaks of fluids, gases or steam.
Versatile and dependable, can be used in a multitude of low friction, thread sealing applications requiring maximum performance. It is recommended for all critical tubular components from non-precision, loose and worn threads to high precision
threads, particularly those subjected to impact or rough handling upon makeup. It protects all threads from premature wear and prolongs the life of tapered-thread joints under all conditions.

Service range:
-73C (-100F) to 315C (600F)
Brushable to
-23C (-10F)
Pressures to
69,000 kPa (10,000 psi)
Black Grainy Paste
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