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Lubsur Products
Industrial Products
Lubsur 701
Lubsur 719
Lubsur 728
Lubsur 701 a lead free anti seize compound, made from high quality mineral oils, bentonite (clay) thickener and fine copper powder. Anti-seize properties enable this grease to work even if the joints become so compressed that most of the compound is squeezed out, or excessive temperature flashes off the oily part of the compound. A fine film of copper particles always remain in joints or threads to prevent seizure. In the case of threaded joints where the compound has been applied before mating, these can easily be broken again, even after long periods of use. Will also prevent seizure of pins or shackles exposed to harsh conditions, where limited movement and long idle periods, are a problem for lubrication.
Service range: -30C to 1200C
Lubsur 719 is a premium quality, water resistant grease for use in industrial and marine applications where the presence of water and humid atmospheres can effect lubricating performance and be detrimental to the protection of parts from corrosion. Lubsur 719 is further enhanced with a special additive which provides additional protection and lubrication in areas where excessive levels of water are prevalent such as water pumping equipment. Lubsur 719 is suitable for plain and anti-friction bearings.
Service range: -17C to 150C
Lubsur 728 is a premium quality non-melting grease for use in plain and anti-friction bearings subjected to elevated temperatures. The consistency of the grease remains stable throughout a wide temperature range.
Service range: -17C to 170C
Lubsur Orange Thech
(Serie for Indusrial Fuser Film)
Lubsur 8261 LGCX Lubsur 7764 Ni-Cu
Lubsur Orange Tech YL - HT
Thermal Compound for Fuser Films. Synthetic thermal grease with special additives for high-temperartura in Fuser films Fusers and industrial equipment and conventional breeding of all the brands.
Resists carbonization at HT
TRC: >425C
Pfpe + Special Synthetic Oil
Solid Film Resistance (SFR): > 800C
Color: Orange Gold
NLGI: 0,1 & 2
2.82 oz / 80 gr
3.53 oz /100 gr
4.95 oz /140 gr
5.60 oz /160 gr
16 oz
35 oz / 1000 gr / 1qt = 1/4 gal
Lubsur 8261 LGCX should be used for all lubrication points requiring a high performance concerning water resistance, working stability, EP and AW properties. Lubsur 8261 LGCX is easily pumpable even in long tubes, fed by centralized lubrication systems. Lubsur 8261 LGCX was developed to work under severe conditions in plain and roller bearings in steel mills, paper industry, mining, concrete industry, quarries and construction equipment.
Extremely good EP properties
Good corrosion protection, even in the presence of salt water
Water resistant
Resistant to aging
Smooth structure
High working stability
Good anti-wear properties
Service range: -25C to >170C
Lubsur 7764 Ni -1 is a heavy-duty, high temperature, anti-seize lubricant that resists galling and corrosion and reduces wear in heavy pressure applications. It contains tenacious metals, oils and graphite materials which cannot be burned away or removed by slow moving parts. It is exceptionally resistant to attack by acids, ammonia, acetylene and vinyl monome.
This product is typically used in applicationswithan
operating rangeof -53 C to 1,350C
Packaging: Size: 1 qt (1033g / 36.45oz), 5 gal Pail and 55 gal Drum
Lubsur 737
Lubsur 746
Lubsur 755
Lubsur 737 is a premium quality fully synthetic semi-fluid grease recommended for use in worm reduction units subjected to high loads. Lubsur 737 imparts a low coefficient of friction and hence transmits the maximum power with the minimum temperature rise.
Service range: -26C to 150C
Lubsur 746 is a unique lithium complex grease containing a blend of extreme pressure, anti-wear and corrosion additives, developed for use on steel mill roller table motors and also bearings found in high temperature over fans, paper mills and cannery equipment FEATURES: Excellent thermal and mechanical stability and oxidation resistance, Good water resistance,  Good pumpability.
Service range: -17C to 170C
Lubsur 755 an aluminium complex grease specifically formulated for use on open gears. This product has high load carrying and adhesive characteristics, which not only allow it to be used on gears with circumferential speeds in excess of 20m/sec., but also where exceptionally high loads and slow sliding speeds are encountered. It is free of bitumen, solvents and other components, which are hazardous to health and will not clog the spray nozzle of either manual applicators or integral automatic systems. Lubsur 755 provides excellent corrosion protection even at the low application rates, which are normally associated with this grade.
Service range: -8C to 260C
 Lubsur 8441 (GEAR M)
Lubsur Orange Thech G62-UL
Corrosion Inhibitor Compound
 Lubsur VACUUM 32
Lubsur 8441 GEAR M  grades consist of a range of ISO lubricants formulated to provide the user with superior performance under demanding operating conditions, known to provide outstanding micropitting and Gear Oil GLFL-HTEP-STMN characteristics are used to manufacture these lubricants. With the addition of a high performance additive package, these products are able to offer excellent thermal stability, high wear reduction rates, high micropitting resistance and load carrying ability as well as good corrosion protection.
Iso: 220.
Corrosion Inhibitor Compound
NwT: 4.8 oz (130 gr)
TRC: >350C
Solid Film Resistance (SFR): >600C
Special Synthetic Base
Color: "Medium Gray Gold"
NLGI Grade: 1


Lubsur VACUUM 32 is a very high quality vacuum pump oil with excellent thermal stability. The base oil is refined in such a way to remove the aromatic hydrocarbons which are the unstable components and the first to breakdown. It is then formulated to withstand the rigors of a long run.

Lubsur VACUUM 32 offers excellent chemical stability. Lubsur VACUUM 32 have good thermal stability to ensure good performance at high temperatures as well aslow temperature. The oils are also wax-free to prevent floc problems in the evaporator and expansion valve.
Iso: 32, Amber color
kindling Point (Autoignition): >235C (435F)
Flash Point COC: >166C (330F)
Type: 235-V.A.C. STHTMN
NwT: 4.8 oz (130 gr)

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